ADEF Translations and Consulting

Arabic - German - English - French 

We specialised in quality translation services both oral and written translations, we translate all documents including project and Business  proposals. 

Adef offer quality translations from German, French and English languages into Arabic language and vise vaser. we are commited to providing high quality translations whilst at the same time strive to meet our client's deadline.

Adef Quality Framework:

We take systematic approach to translation quality, providing the highest quality work is a key focus of our business philosophy.


Automated review

QA Process

Quality review

On a daily basis We translate proposals, reports, project specifications, markets research. we offer services to firms and organizations in Switzerland also to those with projects or Business needs in the 22 Arabic speaking countries and around the world.  Our prices are  modrate depending on many factors-for example, translation pricing depend on:

  •  Language pair and direction
  • Content of the source material-subject area, complexity
  • Turnaround time
  • Project volume

Our team of expert work deligently by taking into account your specific communication needs and the special nature of your target groups.

At Adef translations and consulting, we ensure that the translation we deliver to you are very accurate. Our team of experts always ensure quality reviews at every point in the translated documents.

We give arabic language courses for beginners and intermediates.

                                     Arabic crash course


                      Saturdays  from 10.00 am - 11:15 am

For beginners and Intermediate 10 x 50 min.=300.00CHF

For higher classes    10 x 50 min.=450.00CHF

Translations and Intercultural Coaching

We make our pricing structure as simple and clear as possible no hidden fees!. We pass the benefits of our workflow through to our clients as direct cost benefits wherever possible.

Why Us

If you are looking for the very best quality translations, you don't need to browse too long. We are more relaible with  commitment  to quality and deadline for our clients.

ADEF Translations is designed to meet your needs.

We offer the best Arabic course for beginner, intermediate and high level classes.

We deliver quality Intercultural coaching!